Welcome to the writings of Grégory Poussier

Welcome to the website dedicated to the sculptures and writings of Grégory Poussier

It is inspired by his readings and illustrates myths or characters of our collective culture: The dream of a Summer Night of Shakespeare, The devil Amoureux de Cazotte, Odysseus and Calypso in the Odyssey of Homer, Julien Sorel and Madame de Reynal in The Red and the Black of Stendhal, The Black Dahlia of James Ellroy, Oedipus on the road of Henry Bauchau …

To find his achievements you are invited to visit the virtual gallery

You can also see Grégory’s work in permanent exhibition:
> Eliane Poggi Gallery (7 Rue Alphand, 38000 GRENOBLE)
> Addiction Gallery (25 rue des Logettes, 14600 HONFLEUR)

If you want to know more about his news or better know him,
you can go to meet him or follow his work on Facebook (facebook.com/gregorypoussiersculpture/)