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Wallpaper and fabric, graphic inspiration

I coined it a punked adaptation of history,” says Maxine Hall as she looks at her emotional backdrop, coating the red-covered stairway of her Derby home. Viewed from afar it has a theoretical feel, however as we move closer, fascinating components from the past rise up out of the smooth dark depths. There’s the famous cut pixie which peers down inside Lincoln Cathedral, a “netsuke god”, a blaze of butterfly wing and a feathered creature skull, sparkling like relics uncovered on a waterway bank.

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Let the light in: not your ordinary Victorian terrace

An emotional, interlocking plywood staircase, engraved with email trades amongst modeler and customer; worn outer window outlines repurposed inside; and a glass floor in the lobby. This is no common Victorian porch; rather, it’s a radical restoration of a previous squat in east London, extended for a youthful family.

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